Games-Log #2

Welcome back to my games log. Champions/Europa League football weeks normally coincide with less gaming for me, but a few cheeky days holiday from work have restored the status quo. This has been a pretty diverse week of gaming for me and I have broken it all down below.


DEADBOLT dropped for PS4 and PSVita back on February 20th and I’m happy to report it’s an excellent game. The comparisons to Hotline Miami are fair, but the gameplay is changed up enough by replacing the top down style with some side scrolling action. I have been going back and fourth in my mind over which I prefer, but I think I’ve settled on DEADBOLT. PC users may already be familiar with this title as it released on Steam back in 2017.

In fact, should you want to pick it up on PC, there are currently steam codes available for the game as low as £1.74 here. On PS4 the game is currently valued at £7.99, which is still a great price and made even better by virtue of the cross-buy between PS4 and PSVita. If you are a trophy hunter your curiosity may be peaked by the games list; beware though, as two of the gold trophies are ‘Beat the game within 1 hour without quitting’ and ‘Beat the entire game without dying or quitting’. I’m not sure there will be many people able to get through the games twenty-five missions without a single death.


Little Adventure on the Prairie is another new indie release this week. Despite it looking spectacularly shit, the lure of the easy twenty minute platinum combined with the £1 price tag led me to pick it up. Spoiler alert. It’s awful. Seriously, just awful. It’s basically a 2D side scrolling version of Orc Slayer. Only go near this game if you want some quick and easy trophies. Oh and you can swipe a second platinum if you have a Vita as well, but that will set you back another pound.

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past cure

Past Cure is a game I had been really excited for leading up to the release. Everything Phantom 8 Studios had shown made me increasingly confident that it was my type of game. I was disappointed when the almost universally negative reviews started coming in, but I am happy to report that so far, about three hours in, I’m still enjoying myself.

The game is absolutely not without it’s faults, but I do think it’s got a certain charm to it. Watch any two minute slice of gameplay and it’ll instantly remind you of a AA game from back on the PS3. The thing is though, I miss those rough around the edges games. I think part of the problem is that people saw the trailers and expected too much.

Perhaps my opinion will change and I’ll update my thoughts on completion, but at the moment I am enjoying the combat enough (bullet time is always fun) and the story is intriguing. One definite negative I would say, is the trophies. A story based action game with a physical release and a hefty price tag, but no platinum? That’s a massive blunder by the studio that could cost them big time in PS4 sales. Developers need to be smarter here.


What. A. Game. I am massively late to the party here. I picked up Overcooked back in October after hearing so many good things about it, but just hadn’t got round to sitting down with the misses and playing it. Five minutes in we were both wondering where this had been all our lives. It’s such a simple, yet rewarding concept. The levels are well made, the animation is great and it always leaves you wanting one more shot.

I would definitely hope developer Ghost Town Games is hard at work on a sequel as I can’t remember the last time I had such a good co-op experience. Again the one downside, on the PS4 at least, is the trophies. It’s a game that absolutely merited a platinum trophy. Meaningless virtual achievements aside though, this gets my highest recommendation and everyone should pick it up.

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Suicide Guy is a really interesting indie game from developer Chubby Pixel. You play as an overweight guy in his forties who keeps falling asleep on his couch. In each level you need to solve puzzles and figure out a way to commit suicide in your dreams in order to wake up. It’s a pretty clever way of implementing a goal of committing suicide without being dark as fuck.

At the time of writing I am only five levels in but so far it seems like a fun game that won’t live long in the memory. The game released last week on PS4 and is priced at £11.99. Should you wish to grab a bargain though, it’s also available on Steam for a modest £3.99. I plan to have it finished and platinumed later this week, so I will report back with my final thoughts and review score in a future blog.

Aside from these games I have also been feeding my Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 addiction, continuing my Celtic Master League. I got to the January transfer window in the first season, failed to pick up Leroy Sane so got Memphis Depay instead. I’ll be back for Sane in the summer though.

I also have one more cast under my belt in L.A. Noire and have now sat in the driver seat of 48 out of the 95 cars in the game. My trusty text document file is keeping me right on that highly annoying trophy.

One game I didn’t get back to this week was Assassins Creed: Origins. I reckon I am about five hours of mop up time away from that platinum so I hope to slot it in sometime soon. Normally with such an expansive open world game I wouldn’t bother going for the platinum but the game is such a masterpiece that I feel it’s my duty to do it justice.

That’s me for this week. I’ll be back next Monday with another Games-Log. Until then leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @VizualDze or the very impressive new social media platform Vero (My ID is @VdZe) and we can discuss all things gaming. Have a great week everyone!



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