Review Score Breakdown.

Here on VdZe media we have a 0-5 star system that also includes half stars. Below is a rough breakdown on what the translates to.

review star rating symbol Broken/Unplayable

review star rating symbol Bad

review star rating symbol Passable

review star rating symbol Good

review star rating symbol Very Good

review star rating symbol Superb

Half points fall into the rounded down category but would have something dragging them a little above and beyond. For example a game ranked two stars and a game ranked two and a half stars would both be considered passable, but the two and a half star game would have something a little extra. A gameplay mechanic, a plot point etc. The half star would let you know it’s on the high end of passable games.

Review scores are not an exact science, it’s a number given by an individual and is highly subjective. Many of us may vary drastically on review scores, but that should spark healthy debate and a good conversation.


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