Top 5 EU PSN Easter Sale Buys!

Hey guys, the Easter Sale has kicked off on the European PSN store. There’s loads of games worth taking a look at, but I’m here to break down my five recommendations, in no particular order.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt £11.99

I must confess, I have never actually played any of the Witcher games, but I have seen enough of three to know that £11.99 is a great deal! An in depth and fully immersive RPG with over 100 hours of content. If any of this sounds good to you, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. I will definitely be adding it to my collection for the next iota of downtime between new releases.

Sleeping Dogs £3.69

Sleeping Dogs was one of my favourite PS3 games. It’s an open world GTA type experience where you play an undercover cop in Hong Kong caught up with the Triads. While not as polished as GTA, it makes up for that in sheer arcade fun. The combat is also highly satisfying. I recommend this to anyone, and at £3.69 you’d be mad to miss out!

Evil Within 2 £15.99

This is another title I have yet to play, but will be picking up in the sale. I played the original and loved it. From what I hear, the second one builds on the foundations nicely and is a worthy successor. At £15.99 this is an excellent price for a game that only came out six months ago.

Far Cry 4 & Primal Double pack £19.99

Far Cry fever is upon us! The latest game, Far Cry 5 drops this coming Tuesday (27/03/18) but if for any reason you missed the two previous offerings from this generation, now is your chance to pick them up at a highly discounted rate. You can easily sink 30 hours into each of these games so the value for money is off the charts and they both provide very different settings/time periods.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition £4.99

With the new Tomb Raider film releasing this week many will be coming out of the cinema looking to relive some of Lara’s greatest adventures. As luck would have it, the remastered version of the PS3 reboot is on sale at a crazy £4.99. If you haven’t played this game before or feel like jumping back in, now is a great time to play the definitive edition!

While above is what I chose as the top five deals, some may have other opinions. Here are some of the other deals I thoughts were worth looking at with a short reason why.

Assassin’s Creed Origins £32.99 – Not the greatest of sale prices, but this is one of the absolute best games on PS4 and should be in everyone’s library.

HITMAN: Game of the Year Edition £24.99 – Many were put off by the episodic format of the latest Hitman title. Personally I loved that approach. Regardless if you haven’t played this yet it is sandbox stealth gaming at it’s absolute finest, and in the GOTY edition the amount of content is off the charts.

Dishonored Definitive Edition £8.99 – An upgraded version of a classic, at a great price.

Dishonored Death of the Outsider £9.99 – Many missed this game during the flurry of big releases last year. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a throw away DLC. It’s a standalone shorter experience that puts a bow on the story and is a must if you followed the series.

Outlast £3.99 – Survival horror in it’s truest form. This is one of the most polished indie games you’ll find and at the price it’s an absolute steal.

Batman: Arkham Knight £11.99 – The supposed finale to Rocksteady’s Batman series. A top quality action fighter with a great story.

Batman: Return to Arkham £11.99 – Two classic PS3 games at a great price. A must for Batman fans.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm £7.99 – A prequel to the critical hit Life is Strange. Great storytelling and as with a lot of these games, a great price!

Batman: The Telltale Series £6.49 – One of Telltale’s best offerings. If you like their style of adventure games and haven’t checked this out it is well worth your time.

Murdered: Soul Suspect £3.29 – An underrated game. It’s not a AAA experience, but it had a few cool ideas, an easy platinum trophy and you guessed it, it now has a great price!

Wolf Among Us £4.99 – Possibly Telltale’s best game to date.

Hotline Miami Collection £4.99 – Two great indie games for a crazy low price. The first one especially is just so addictive.

Hitman GO £1.69 – Fun puzzle game with an easy platinum.

Lara Croft GO £1.99 – Fun puzzle game with an easy platinum.

Thimbleweed Park £7.99 – I haven’t actually played this yet, but it looks really interesting and at that price you can take the risk.

The Invisible Hours £16.99 – Again I haven’t played this yet, but a murder mystery VR game? Sign me up!!

Sprint Vector £13.99 – One of the best VR games I have played and a serious workout. Sprint Vector is a mix of SSX and Mario Kart… in VR.

Black & White Bushido £3.29 – Fun and frantic multiplayer game. As well as an easy 30 minute platinum trophy.

What do you think are the best sale games at the moment and what are you buying? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @VizualDze.



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