Games-Log #6

While this weekly article is still in it’s infancy, it really doesn’t feel like the sixth week already. There’s a good chance this will likely be slightly shorter than usual, as the game I have most to say about, A Way Out, is getting it’s own separate review, but I’ll link to that from this article once it’s live. In the next few days I am going to create a separate page on this site keeping a list of all game review scores I have given and link them to the articles for easy access. Anyway on to the games!


There is no other place to start this week than with A Way Out. I would never normally choose to play a game in co-op and had the option been there to play by yourself I’d have taken it. I’m honestly glad this wasn’t an option though. I don’t want to say too much here as I will have a separate review going live for the game soon, but in short, buy it! BUY IT! When this console generation is over, A Way Out is one of the games you’ll think of when looking back to the PS4/Xbox One era.


Last week I talked about having started the first piece of DLC content for Origins named The Hidden Ones. Well since then I have went on to complete the story and do most of the mop up. I have to say Ubisoft have not let their quality slip from the core game at all. The new location is beautiful and the story great, albeit a bit short. If you finish Origins and have that desire to go back and play more this is the perfect thing to pick up and I would highly recommend it.

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Fortnite is a game I have been hearing about for months. At first all I heard was people talking about it as a PUBG clone, but then all of a sudden it took on a life of it’s own. Everyone and their dog was getting in on the action. But with the constant flow of top quality games and my reluctance to play all things multiplayer I held off. Until this week that is.

So far I have only played two and a half games. My first try, I killed someone immediately but then had to quit out of the game due to child commitments. The following two games I came 24th and 5th respectively, both without ever firing a weapon. I can definitely see the appeal. The art style is superb and the gun play appears fun. I do wish the building mode was used more to fortify defenses than build random staircases forty feet in the air, but overall it’s a fun package. Also, pet peeve, but while in a shoot out, people just jumping up and down constantly is brutal. I get that it’s an effective technique, but I just wish there was a less ridiculous looking method that worked.


Yakuza is a series I have always been intrigued by, but never really given my time to. Last week the demo for Yakuza 6 re-launched on the PS4 and I thought I would try it out. After about an hour, I was invested enough to stop and look into how I should proceed. I asked on Twitter if I should start with Kiwami or Zero and was guided towards the prequel. Again, I am only about an hour in and at least 50mins of that have been cutscenes, so it’s far too early for me to make an opinion, but I am looking forward to playing more.

The fictional city of Kamurocho looks amazing and I can’t wait to explore it more. The story already seems really in-depth and highly detailed. I do take issue a little with the combat. It’s fun, but it feels very rigid. Any fight I have had so far I find myself wishing it was replaced with the Sleeping Dogs combat. Perhaps it’ll grow on me though. I will continue to report back on my progress as a Yakuza noob and see if it fully sucks me in.


There isn’t really too much to add on Burnout, but I have now got a sufficient enough amount through the game to stick a score on it. As I said last week, this is a brilliant arcade racer. One of the best in-fact. Couple that together with the nostalgia that so many people have for the game and you have a winner. Sure there are nagging issues that feel dated. Having to return to the junk yard every time you want to change cars and there being no option to just restart the event you are doing midway through, but these don’t do a lot to detract from the overall experience. The price point is good and it includes all DLC. Plus, if this sells well I’m pretty confident in saying we’ll get a new game that could well address any niggling issues you have.

If you are a fan of arcade racers, get this game! It’s as simple as that.


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This coming week is all about Far Cry 5 with a splash of Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within. Both release today (27/03/18) and look excellent. I will try to fit in a few other things throughout the week though to pad out the next installment of the Games-Log. If you are on the fence about Far Cry 5 I have uploaded the opening cinematic to whet your appetite. You can find that here.

Until next time, hit me up on the comments or like usual on Twitter @VizualDze where I’ll be updating the world on my gaming adventures throughout the week. Peace.


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