Games-Log #7

My apologies in advance for a lack of content in this weeks Games-Log. I try to vary what I play throughout the week to make this as versatile a read as possible. But the combination of one of my most anticipated games of 2018 (Far Cry 5) releasing and a busy week in the real world has limited me. I will briefly touch on Far Cry, although I plan to do a separate review.

Speaking of reviews, just a quick plug that my review for the excellent A Way Out is live here. One not to be missed! Now on to the games~!


The final episode in season two of Telltale’s Batman series wrapped up on Tuesday. The Enemy Within has been another great Batman journey from Telltale and one that I enjoyed from start to finish. I know some had issues with a few of the episode in the middle, but I felt the story stayed strong throughout. You would be forgiven for starting to fatigue on Telltale’s now rigid formula, but if you don’t mind games where the gameplay itself is a backdrop for the story and decision making then you can’t go far wrong with this one.

I have yet to look up alternate endings, but from what I hear the story can end in two pretty distinctly different ways, leading me to wonder if this is the end for the caped crusader under the Telltale umbrella. For now anyway though, it’s a worthy end while Telltale regroup to focus on the final season of The Walking Dead and season two of Wolf Among Us. My review score is based on someone who likes the Telltale games. If you don’t, your thoughts will likely wildly differ.

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Slyde is not a game, it’s a trophy popping simulator. I guess you could argue it’s a slide puzzle game, but no-one is turning their PS4 on to play a slide puzzle game. This ‘game’ is from the guys who brought you 1000 Top Rated which got pulled from the US PSN store because the game description basically outright advertised a platinum trophy. Well, this is the same game minus the sign posting.

You have the choice of about 8 different images and then have to reassemble the picture. Once you complete one puzzle every trophy inexplicably just pops one after the other until you get the platinum. Seriously, there’s people on PSN Profiles with a completion time of 1 second. Madness. At first I actually thought I might have some difficulty with this as I am atrocious at slide puzzles. But nope, they jumble the pieces up the same way every single time, so a quick look on YouTube will give you the exact button prompts to finish a puzzle in less than 30 seconds.

Not a game, but thanks for the plat!

review star rating symbol


I have been waiting for Far Cry 5 ever since it was announced. Since Far Cry 3 released back in 2012 I have been a massive fan of the series. I love the open world sandbox nature of the game where the options are almost limitless. Ubisoft always do an excellent job with the villains as well and Joseph Seed “The Father” may just be the best yet. Unfortunately the latest installment does have some draw backs. The upgrade system has been dumbed down a bit. Everything is now done through perk points. Skinning animals is now only really used for selling skins.

Also, dream/drug sequences are back. I had hoped with us moving into central America and with the opposition being religious that we could move away from my least favourite aspect of the game, but instead they have went full pelt into it. Sometimes I wish the bliss would just take me.

I don’t want to say much else just now as I will write up a full review once I have the full campaign finished. I’m currently about 20 hours in, with John and Faith’s areas completed and I am about 2/3 of the way through Jacobs. Despite my issues with the game, it’s definitely great and worth your time. If you have played Far Cry 3 or 4, it’s more of the same with minimal inventory changes. If you are new to the series you will likely be blown away.


It’s not even really worth mentioning, but I played a few more games of Fortnite over the weekend when some family visited. Watching someone actually good at the game, plus just the lure of the vibrant graphics led me to play another couple of games. Twice I got killed before even finding a weapon, but the third match not only did I do a great hide n’ seek job and come fourth, but I also got a kill. I killed the guy in FIFTH. Absolute SCENES.

(Ignore the 9% accuracy, that’s a typo…)

The only other games I played this week was the Asian version of Midnight Deluxe for another platinum and my usual dose of PES 2018. If you want to hear more about Midnight Deluxe you can read my review back on Games-Log #4. If you are into football, check out the latest episode of my Arsenal master league. Video highlights are added for every game but I’m always looking for ways to improve that series so feedback is welcome.

Now, let’s look towards the coming week. Checking ‘The Drop’ on the Playstation Blog it looks like possibly the most bare week so far in 2018. The two games I have picked out that might be worth your while are Impact Winter, a game where you have to survive the elements for 30 days while you wait for rescue in a snowy mountain and Island Time VR. With the help of Carl the crab you are trying to find a way to survive and not starve for as long as possible.

Graphical wise I like the look of both and I will do my best to check them out over the coming week. Aside from that I’ll be mopping up Far Cry 5 and hopefully getting back to more Yakuza 0. I have also been supplied a code for Masters of Anima, due out on April 10th, so I will have some impressions on that next week, hopefully alongside a let’s play of the first hour. Until then keep me posted with what you all have been playing via the comments or on Twitter @VizualDze. Peace.


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