WrestleMania 34 Predictions

WrestleMania is this weekend and in anticipation for the big event I thought I’d throw together a quick preview with my thoughts on how each match will go. I have done this more in depth in previous years but in the last twelve months I have found the product so objectionable that I mainly keep up with what’s going on via podcast reviews and highlight videos. I keep saying I will get back to properly watching each show, but it’s a hell of a time to dedicate to something and with PPV’s likely going to four hours as standard after Mania I’m not sure I want to commit to that right now.

Anyway here’s a rundown of how I think each match will go.

RAW World Title: Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns.

Reigns kicks out of the F5 and wins. The whole year has been building to it. Everyone has fallen to one F5, even Braun. However, Reigns will finally kick out and win. I also get the feeling Reigns will get a better reaction than a lot are expecting, but then the next night on RAW the boos will be back in full force. I also expect Brock Lesnar to sign a 3 fight deal with UFC, if he hasn’t already.

Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey v Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Rousey taps out Steph. I do think the match will be longer than it needs to be though and Steph will be made to look stronger than she should. The 41 year old authority figure should not be portrayed as a bad ass. No one buys it and it will just undercut Rousey.

Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon v Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

I think Shane is going to turn heel. As for a match ending, I don’t think they will pin Bryan, so maybe a DQ or something. It makes zero sense for Shane to turn, but this whole angle has been a booking mess so I don’t think that will stop them.

John Cena v The Undertaker

I do not think we are going to get an actual match here. I feel like it will end up just being a confrontation setting up a yearlong build for the two to face off at WrestleMania 35. Potentially in both of their last matches. If there is a match, I think Taker wins.

SD World Title: AJ Styles v Nakamura

AJ Styles retains. I feel like Nakamura will move to RAW in the upcoming draft and since the RAW World Title is switching Vince will opt to keep AJ as champion.

SD Women’s Title: Charlotte v Asuka

Asuka wins, no cash in. The build for this match has been disappointing. This should be the centrepiece women’s match on the show and seems almost like an afterthought. Everyone is expecting Carmella to get involved but I don’t see it. WWE loves swerves when it comes to the MITB and they have played it up so much recently that everyone is now waiting for it. If anything, I could see Carmella cashing in on Nia Jax post match.

RAW Women’s Title: Alexa Bliss v Nia Jax

Nia wins the belt. This match could be rough as neither are particularly good workers and I fear they will be given about ten minutes. Vince seems really behind Jax, but I just don’t see it, especially as a face. I liken it to Diesel in 1994/95. No-one got into the over sized babyface beating up smaller heels. Outside chance that Carmella then cashes in, starting a feud between the two, which would at least maintain the favourable dynamic of Nia chasing a dastardly heel that can carry the mic work. Then Bliss can go back to SmackDown as they need a heel with charisma since they inexplicably refuse to turn Charlotte.

RAW IC Title: The Miz v Seth Rollins v Finn Bálor

Miz retains. He is coming up on being the longest IC champion in however long and I think they want to tell that story. Plus he has the reality show so he is high on WWE’s priority list. Expect Seth and Finn to carry the match.

Randy Orton v Bobby Roode v Jinder Mahal v Rusev

Jinder wins. It is painfully obvious that Rusev should win this match. He is basically the most over person in the company behind Daniel Bryan. That was not Vince’s plan though so he will push back against the fans as much as he can. It is a shame we are getting all these multiple person matches, but expect more of it going forward. Jinder as US champion is good heat and closer to his level, although still above it.

Uso’s v New Day v Bludgeon Brothers

Uso’s retain. More triple threat nonsense. It is a shame we aren’t just getting more straight up matches. Regardless this should be good, although I would imagine their time will be cut.

The Bar v Braun Strowman & Mystery Partner

Strowman & TBA win the belts. My guesses on a partner are Kane, Big Show and James Elsworth. I feel like Elsworth would get the biggest pop, but the other two are more likely.

Cedric Alexander v Mustafa Ali

Cedric wins the belt. This should be a great match, but I fear the crowd will still be filing into the stadium and not exactly hot for it.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Bray Wyatt, or whatever he is being called now. I hear lots of people talking about possible surprise entrants. I just don’t see it. It’s a pre-show match, they won’t waste anything big on it.

Women’s WrestleMania Non-Moolah Battle Royal

Sasha Banks. It will come down to Bayley and Sasha. Sasha wins and Bayley turns heel and batters her post match.

That’ll do it for this predictions post. I’ll be hosting my annual WrestleMania party and tweeting throughout the show, so get in touch and let me know what you think @VizualDze. Peace.


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