Games-Log #9

Hey guys, I’m back after a one week hiatus. Sorry for skipping a week but real life gets in the way sometimes. I run and create content for this site by myself while juggling a full time job with regular overtime and two kids. So throw me a fricken’ bone here! (RIP Verne Troyer). Now, onto the games…


There’s really no other place to start than with God of War. Unfortunately due to reasons stated above I am currently only about three hours in at the moment, but you can already tell that it’s something special. The graphics are on a par with Horizon Zero Dawn and the game play is tighter than ever. What really sets this God of War reboot aside though is the character development given to Kratos.

People were worried about the introduction of Atreus, but in truth he’s so integral to fleshing out Kratos. Without him I really don’t know how you would have done about that while staying true to the character. I hope to play a lot more over the coming week so I’ll be back with more thoughts then.

Until then if you want to see the game in action check out my opening hour let’s play which is embedded below.


I had picked up the Return to Arkham collection on the day it was released and played through Arkham Asylum again but never got around to City. Last week I put a poll up on twitter to see what everyone wanted me to start a Let’s Play series of and in a nice surprise Arkham City won! I’m only about 90 minutes in but it still plays as good as ever.

The graphics could have done with a little more TLC, but it definitely doesn’t detract from what is a modern day classic. I’ll embed the two streams I have done so far. Part 2 is off mic as I was itching to play but had kids running about at the time and no-one needed to endure that.


This will likely be the last time I talk about Fortnite in any sort of depth as I think it’ll be a game I continue to play a few times a week with friends and despite how popular it is I don’t think anyone needs to hear me jump for joy every time I fluke my way into a kill. There’s not a lot to say about this game that hasn’t already been said, but if for any reason you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend doing so. The mixture of the graphics, the looting and sneaking about creates a level of fun that keeps you coming back even if you rarely get a kill. I have even purchased my own skin for playing with friends. Funk Ops.


I have even downloaded PUBG on mobile, which is something I’d never normally do. I’ll maybe report back on that if I actually get around to trying it.


I decided to check out League of Evil for a few reasons. It was cheap, cross-buy with Vita and had a high average completion rate. What I got was a pleasant surprise. It’s a brick hard 2D platformer that reminds me of the old Mega Man games. The high average completion is likely because it has attracted a niche audience that is good a these type of games. I am not one of these people. I could play this game till the end of time and not get the platinum.

I’ll definitely play more but I don’t see me managing to get much further. If you like my description of the game I suggest checking out the quick half hour let’s play I did to showcase the gameplay. As you’ll see, this is not my specialty…

Aside from the above I have been playing plenty of PES 2018. If you are a regular visitor to the site or my Twitter you’ll know that I have now completed season one of my Arsenal master league. It came down to the wire and I live streamed the final three games of the season including league matches against the second and third place teams as well as the FA Cup final against Man City. You can find all of the episodes in season one, complete with video highlights, in the Pro Evo section here.

It’s a bit of a slow week in terms of new releases. Demo wise it’s huge though. We are getting a taster of Detroit Become Human just over four weeks before release. As far as full release content though the best stuff coming out this week is on PSVR. I haven’t had any hands on time with either of these games yet, but I would say Just in Time Incorporated and MLB Home Run Derby VR look the standout releases of the week. I’m hoping to check out both and report back next week, although plans as always are subject to change.

Until next week everyone go out and buy God of War. Unless you don’t own a PS4. In which case, buy a PS4… Pro, a 4K TV and then buy God of War. You’ll thank me later.


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