Games-Log #10

Unfortunately it’s going to be an extremely short Games-Log this week because, well, I just haven’t played a lot. I have a growing list of VR games I’m excited to check out including Island Time VR which the good people at Flight School Studios sent me but unfortunately in recent weeks I haven’t had much down time. So here’s my short week in gaming;


Over the last week I have had time to sink about another five hours into God of War. My thoughts on it have varied over the week, I think mainly due to me trying to push on with it a few times while busy with kids or not quite in the mood to play. Overall though my opinions pretty much remain the same.

The story is progressing nicely and is engaging. The graphics are amazing and the side characters I have met so far are all well fleshed out and come with excellent voice acting. I was starting to feel that the combat was a little basic, but then I unlocked a few new moves and all of a sudden that changed the depth and dynamic of all my encounters.

This is a game I don’t want to slap a review score on until I at least beat the main story, which depending on real life could still be a few weeks away, but at the moment I can comfortably say that unless some aspect of the game falls off a cliff as I progress, it’s a minimum of a 4 star game.

Many are calling it the best game on PS4. From what I have seen I wouldn’t have it above Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us, but it certainly isn’t far behind.


I said I would stop talking about how amazing PES 2018 is, but with the lack of games to discuss this week I thought I would drop in some shameless self promotion for my new Celtic master league series. It will consist of let’s plays and archived highlights of matches much like my previous Arsenal series.

The twist this time is that I have set up two European super leagues. This means it’s like the champions league all year round. Below I have listed both divisions and promotions/relegation and transfers are in effect. It’s going to be a cool experiment and one that should be quite challenging. I transferred a bunch of hot prospects into the Celtic team to give me a chance, but no ready made superstars.

If you would like to check out episode one, which is a let’s play explaining all of the details and then has the first two matches against Real Madrid and Napoli, click here.

Prem teams

Div1 teams

detroit banner

Last Tuesday the demo for Detroit Become Human went live on the PSN. I have a let’s play up on my YouTube channel which I will embed below including more but from what I played it looks really promising. Instantly you get Heavy Rain vibes which is a massive plus in my eyes.

As with all of these games it will largely be judged on the story. Heavy Rain and Until Dawn delivered great stories and are well remembered as a result. Beyond Two Souls on the other hand didn’t have as story a narrative and therefore took some stick. I personally still liked Beyond, but concede it wasn’t the same quality as other titles.


This is a first on the Games-Log but I have a game to talk about that’s not on PS4. Frostpunk is a city builder with a twist. 11 Bit Studios is selling the game as the first society survival game. You are tasked with builder the last city on earth after the cold weather has wiped out everything.

You are constantly battling the sub zero temperatures and scraping resources together to survive. As things progress, like many city builders you need to implement laws and dictate the lives of those who inhabit your city. Frostpunk can get pretty dark in this regard. I haven’t gotten this far yet but apparently some of the options include 24 hour working, child labour and more.

It’s a game I hope to carve out some more time to play soon. I would like to stream it at some point as well, but OBS doesn’t seem to want to play ball at the moment so we’ll see how that pans out.

The coming week on the PSN store is light, but we do have the launch of Super Mega Baseball 2 which I’m pretty stoked about. Even if you have a passing interest in baseball I think this will be worth checking out. It has a great art style and the first game was highly praised for it’s game play so I assume that will be even better in the sequel.

Aside from that you have City of Brass from some of the Bioshock developers which looks interesting if nothing else. VR wise there’s two new releases in Pirate Flight VR and Killing Floor: Incursion. I haven’t heard anything about either but I’ll monitor initial impressions and if there’s enough positivity surrounding either I’ll check it out.

As always get in touch with what you are playing and your thoughts on upcoming titles. Leave a comment or tweet me @VizualDze. Have a great week and I’ll see you all on the interwebs.


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