Games-Log #10

Unfortunately it’s going to be an extremely short Games-Log this week because, well, I just haven’t played a lot. I have a growing list of VR games I’m excited to check out including Island Time VR which the good people at Flight School Studios sent me but unfortunately in recent weeks I haven’t had much down time. So here’s my short week in gaming; Continue reading “Games-Log #10”

Games-Log #9

Hey guys, I’m back after a one week hiatus. Sorry for skipping a week but real life gets in the way sometimes. I run and create content for this site by myself while juggling a full time job with regular overtime and two kids. So throw me a fricken’ bone here! (RIP Verne Troyer). Now, onto the games… Continue reading “Games-Log #9”

Games-Log #8

I have said this in previous weeks and then went on to write more than I expected, but this is likely to be a very short Games-Log this week. Between migrating the website onto it’s own server, my boys fourth birthday, WrestleMania 34, UFC 223 and the fact that the game I played most this week (Far Cry 5) is getting it’s own review, there isn’t that much left for me to discuss. That said I like the format of this ‘my week in gaming’ article and even on weeks where it may be a single game I am discussing I would still like to put it out there. Continue reading “Games-Log #8”

Games-Log #7

My apologies in advance for a lack of content in this weeks Games-Log. I try to vary what I play throughout the week to make this as versatile a read as possible. But the combination of one of my most anticipated games of 2018 (Far Cry 5) releasing and a busy week in the real world has limited me. I will briefly touch on Far Cry, although I plan to do a separate review. Continue reading “Games-Log #7”

Games-Log #6

While this weekly article is still in it’s infancy, it really doesn’t feel like the sixth week already. There’s a good chance this will likely be slightly shorter than usual, as the game I have most to say about, A Way Out, is getting it’s own separate review, but I’ll link to that from this article once it’s live. In the next few days I am going to create a separate page on this site keeping a list of all game review scores I have given and link them to the articles for easy access. Anyway on to the games! Continue reading “Games-Log #6”

Games-Log #5

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Games-Log. We’ve just had a superb week in gaming and another one hot on it’s heels, so I’m here to talk about what I have been playing. Continue reading “Games-Log #5”

Games-Log #4

This week ended up being pretty productive gaming wise, but not in the way I had initially thought. Having mapped out some time on Saturday when the kids were occupied to finish my Moss let’s play I woke Saturday morning with a pit in my stomach and proceeded to spend the following ten hours hugging a toilet, throwing my guts up. Continue reading “Games-Log #4”

Games-Log #3

Greetings gamers! Welcome back to the Games-Log. It’s been another solid week of gaming on my end. Carving out time has been easy as I have had holidays at work to use up. Since all of those are now gone, I’m facing a lot of late nights ahead. It could be worse though, I could be spending my time doing something shit. Continue reading “Games-Log #3”

Games-Log #2

Welcome back to my games log. Champions/Europa League football weeks normally coincide with less gaming for me, but a few cheeky days holiday from work have restored the status quo. This has been a pretty diverse week of gaming for me and I have broken it all down below. Continue reading “Games-Log #2”

Games-Log #1

This is the first entry in what I hope to make a weekly blog about what games I have been playing over the last week. I mainly game on PS4, although I do own an adequate PC rig and the PS Vita. In all honesty I really should game on PC more. Continue reading “Games-Log #1”