Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 is an excellent game. It is the ultimate first person sandbox adventure where you can just stick it on, blow shit up and have a blast. The downside to Far Cry is that sometimes it suffers an identity crisis. The beginning of this latest installment in the Far Cry franchise starts on a really strong narrative note. I uploaded the opening ten minutes to YouTube for people to get a taste for how this game sets the scene. Continue reading “Far Cry 5 Review”

Games-Log #8

I have said this in previous weeks and then went on to write more than I expected, but this is likely to be a very short Games-Log this week. Between migrating the website onto it’s own server, my boys fourth birthday, WrestleMania 34, UFC 223 and the fact that the game I played most this week (Far Cry 5) is getting it’s own review, there isn’t that much left for me to discuss. That said I like the format of this ‘my week in gaming’ article and even on weeks where it may be a single game I am discussing I would still like to put it out there. Continue reading “Games-Log #8”

Masters of Anima | Let’s Play

Here is the first hour of upcoming PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC game Masters of Anima. A strategic fantasy game from the talented team over at Passtech Games and is due for release on April 10th, 2018. Continue reading “Masters of Anima | Let’s Play”

A Way Out Review

I generally don’t enjoy co-op. This is the predicament I found myself after watching the reveal trailer for Hazelight’s new action adventure game, A Way Out. It’s not that I am against playing games with other people, but I prefer to go at my own pace and not feel rushed. The greatest compliment I can give this game, is that looking back on my experience after completion, if I could do it all over again I would still choose to play with a partner. Continue reading “A Way Out Review”

Games-Log #6

While this weekly article is still in it’s infancy, it really doesn’t feel like the sixth week already. There’s a good chance this will likely be slightly shorter than usual, as the game I have most to say about, A Way Out, is getting it’s own separate review, but I’ll link to that from this article once it’s live. In the next few days I am going to create a separate page on this site keeping a list of all game review scores I have given and link them to the articles for easy access. Anyway on to the games! Continue reading “Games-Log #6”

The Council – Episode 1 Review

Ever since I first heard about Big Bad Wolf’s new episodic game The Council I was intrigued. The setting, the promise that not only will decisions matter, but that they will properly effect the outcome of the game and the introduction of RPG mechanics all sounded like positive directions for the adventure game genre. Continue reading “The Council – Episode 1 Review”

Sniper Elite 4 Stealth Walkthrough Mission 6-8

Below is missions 6 to 8 in my complete stealth walkthrough of Sniper Elite 4 on PS4. This concludes the series and the game. Should you need help with missions 1-3 or 4-5 then click the link. Hopefully this helps with some of the more tricky sections in the game. Enjoy! Continue reading “Sniper Elite 4 Stealth Walkthrough Mission 6-8”

God of War III Remastered Let’s Play

A full game God of War III Remastered let’s play with Sonny from DayDreamer Gaming. Check it out and if you like what you see hit the subscribe. Also hit myself, Sonny or any of the other Daydreamer guys up if there’s a game you’d like to see us tackle! Continue reading “God of War III Remastered Let’s Play”