FIFA 18 World Cup Update

In a somewhat surprising move EA has announced that they not only won’t be releasing a standalone World Cup game this year, but that it won’t come in the form of paid DLC either. Instead we are being treated to a free update coming May 29th which will add all the World Cup content.  Continue reading “FIFA 18 World Cup Update”

FIFA 18 Review

This review starts back when the 2017 edition launched. For the first time in nearly a decade I started playing the latest iteration of EA’s footballing juggernaut and it just didn’t click. Gameplay wise the whole experience was a chore. Passing felt stiff, players turned so slowly, yet burst into superhuman speed with a simple flick of the right stick. It didn’t feel like a game of football, it felt like game play adjustments to cater to the FUT and YouTube community. Or like the NHL and FIFA teams had switched roles for the year to freshen things up. Continue reading “FIFA 18 Review”