Detroit Become Human | Let’s Play

To get you hyped for the launch of Detroit Become Human tomorrow, here’s an archived stream of me playing the first hour. Sorry for the slight interruption near the end. Real life n’ all that. Continue reading “Detroit Become Human | Let’s Play”

Celtic – European Elite Ep.4 | PES 2018

Welcome back everyone to episode FOUR of the Elite League in PES 2018 with Celtic. We finished episode three with a close fought game against Ajax – eventually coming away 4-3 winners. This left us in second place but only by virtue of goal difference. Continue reading “Celtic – European Elite Ep.4 | PES 2018”

Games-Log #9

Hey guys, I’m back after a one week hiatus. Sorry for skipping a week but real life gets in the way sometimes. I run and create content for this site by myself while juggling a full time job with regular overtime and two kids. So throw me a fricken’ bone here! (RIP Verne Troyer). Now, onto the games… Continue reading “Games-Log #9”

Arsenal – PES 2018 Series Ep.11

This episode starts with the second leg of the Europa League Round of 32. I’m 2-0 up from the away leg so it’ll be a makeshift team, especially with an away game at Stamford Bridge three days later.  Continue reading “Arsenal – PES 2018 Series Ep.11”

Masters of Anima | Let’s Play

Here is the first hour of upcoming PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC game Masters of Anima. A strategic fantasy game from the talented team over at Passtech Games and is due for release on April 10th, 2018. Continue reading “Masters of Anima | Let’s Play”

Arsenal – PES 2018 Series Ep.4

We start episode four with the big top of the table clash with Liverpool. Currently my Arsenal team sit one point clear at the top. Continue reading “Arsenal – PES 2018 Series Ep.4”

Sniper Elite 4 Stealth Walkthrough Mission 6-8

Below is missions 6 to 8 in my complete stealth walkthrough of Sniper Elite 4 on PS4. This concludes the series and the game. Should you need help with missions 1-3 or 4-5 then click the link. Hopefully this helps with some of the more tricky sections in the game. Enjoy! Continue reading “Sniper Elite 4 Stealth Walkthrough Mission 6-8”

Games-Log #3

Greetings gamers! Welcome back to the Games-Log. It’s been another solid week of gaming on my end. Carving out time has been easy as I have had holidays at work to use up. Since all of those are now gone, I’m facing a lot of late nights ahead. It could be worse though, I could be spending my time doing something shit. Continue reading “Games-Log #3”