World War Z Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest gameplay trailer of the upcoming zombie shooter World War Z. It reminds me of a 2018 State of Emergency with all the NPC’s on screen. Let’s hope this one doesn’t reek of pish. The release date has yet to be announced. Continue reading “World War Z Gameplay Trailer”

Games-Log #6

While this weekly article is still in it’s infancy, it really doesn’t feel like the sixth week already. There’s a good chance this will likely be slightly shorter than usual, as the game I have most to say about, A Way Out, is getting it’s own separate review, but I’ll link to that from this article once it’s live. In the next few days I am going to create a separate page on this site keeping a list of all game review scores I have given and link them to the articles for easy access. Anyway on to the games! Continue reading “Games-Log #6”

Sniper Elite 4 Stealth Walkthrough Mission 4-5

Below is missions 4 to 5 in my complete stealth walkthrough of Sniper Elite 4 on PS4. Hopefully this helps with some of the more tricky sections in the game. Enjoy! Continue reading “Sniper Elite 4 Stealth Walkthrough Mission 4-5”