World War Z Gameplay Trailer

Check out the latest gameplay trailer of the upcoming zombie shooter World War Z. It reminds me of a 2018 State of Emergency with all the NPC’s on screen. Let’s hope this one doesn’t reek of pish. The release date has yet to be announced. Continue reading “World War Z Gameplay Trailer”

F1 2018 Charles Leclerc Gameplay Trailer

Hey team! I’m back today with a gameplay trailer of the new F1 2018 game by Codemasters. F1 isn’t usually my thing but I have enjoyed a few of the games, especially ‘Formula One’ back on the PSOne which was amazing for the time. Continue reading “F1 2018 Charles Leclerc Gameplay Trailer”

Afterparty Possibly Coming to Console

Back in March Night School Studios, creators of the hit indie title Oxenfree announced that their next game Afterparty would be coming to Steam in 2019 but didn’t specify a console release. As these developers are smart, and are likely fans of money, it now seems that a console announcement is imminent. Continue reading “Afterparty Possibly Coming to Console”

Games-Log #5

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Games-Log. We’ve just had a superb week in gaming and another one hot on it’s heels, so I’m here to talk about what I have been playing. Continue reading “Games-Log #5”

Games-Log #2

Welcome back to my games log. Champions/Europa League football weeks normally coincide with less gaming for me, but a few cheeky days holiday from work have restored the status quo. This has been a pretty diverse week of gaming for me and I have broken it all down below. Continue reading “Games-Log #2”