TO THE TOP First Impressions Video

TO THE TOP is a parkour VR game developed by Electric Hat Games and published on PSVR by Panic Button. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the game to try out for you guys and I recorded my very first experience with the game. Continue reading “TO THE TOP First Impressions Video”

Games-Log #9

Hey guys, I’m back after a one week hiatus. Sorry for skipping a week but real life gets in the way sometimes. I run and create content for this site by myself while juggling a full time job with regular overtime and two kids. So throw me a fricken’ bone here! (RIP Verne Troyer). Now, onto the games… Continue reading “Games-Log #9”

Games-Log #3

Greetings gamers! Welcome back to the Games-Log. It’s been another solid week of gaming on my end. Carving out time has been easy as I have had holidays at work to use up. Since all of those are now gone, I’m facing a lot of late nights ahead. It could be worse though, I could be spending my time doing something shit. Continue reading “Games-Log #3”